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Walking with Ghosts + Get The Gorgeous Live - Burgdorf

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06/10/2018, NEVER LOUD ENOUGH (ROCKFEST) - Grafitti Bern

06/04/2018, Get The Gorgeous & The Crumpets - Kofmehl Solothurn

07/07/2018, Get The Gorgeous @OpenQuer Zell - Zell (Luzern)

24/02/2018, New Album // Release-Concert - Planetspade, Wankdorffeldstrasse 96, 3014 Bern

09/12/2017, Get The Gorgeous Live! @DS Dachstock - Dachstock Bern

01/07/2017, Get The Gorgeous @Anyone Can Play Guitar - Bern

08/07/2017, Punk Rock Rumble Vol. 2 // (with Why So Serious? / Frantic Birds) - Worb

15/07/2017, Get The Gorgeous @Thali Rock - Thali

05/08/2017, Get The Gorgeous Live! @Badifest Worb - Worb

02/09/2017, Get The Gorgeous Live! (mit Faunshead & Patyb) - Akut Thun

01/09/2017, Plattentaufe 3rd Choice - Mahogany Hall Bern


16th January 2018
It’s time! After roughly 5 months of composing, practising, recording and revising we are stoked to announce, that our debut album “Deus Ex Machina” will be released on the 24th of February 2018 (25th February worldwide). Launch party will take place in the well respected premises of Planetspade. But before you get tired of waiting for the release, we have prepared you some goodies, which we will previously provide, so you can already join into the blazing heat of the party.



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The Band was formed in 2013 by the two best friends Chris and Nick. After a few years of playing concerts in a two-man combo, both decided that it's time to let the whole mix become heavier again. That was when the kick-smasher and heavy-hitter Kusi joined in to beat the shit out of his drumset. A few months after the panhand-prince Märsu - a heavyweight monster of a bassplayer - joined the Band and along with him came the ferocious fast-finger Yvo on 2nd Guitar.
The Tracks they play become phenominally unique as Nick and Chris are still using their dual-singing techniques like they did years before and are continously improving their vocal skills.
So with Kusis plankbreaking drumbeats, Märsus 9th-pounder-heavy basstones and Yvos marvellous melodic riffs a perfect base is created on which Chris with the intention of a Genius adds his own very harmonic guitar-set. 
Over these pillars of posthardcore and punkrock-like melodies, Nicks brute force Voice calls to battle and Chris various' singing joins him. 
Get the Gorgeous will smash you to rock bottom.

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EP Release Party @Planetspade Bern



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